Transformation Tuesday: Meet April

August 27, 2013

This weeks amazing Transformation is in the form of April; a 29 year old working mom who refuses to give up on her goals!

“My name is April. I'm 29 years old and a mother of three beautiful kids. I grew up in a home where nutrition wasn't a topic and food was food. I seemed to fall into bad habits of eating ..but stayed active with softball growing up. . As soon as I graduated I had my son. I went from a size 5 to 160+ lbs. I got into exercise routines of cardio and little eating. In my eyes, I wanted to be skinny and obsessed with the scale. At times I look back and see pictures of myself so frail and thin. I didn't know what I was doing to be healthy and fit.

In 2007 I began working as a respiratory therapist and was exposed to seeing the effects of obesity in people. 2010 my daughter came along and I picked up old habits in nutrition and exercise. I happen to have a friend that's a personal trainer. She’s amazing. I always told myself..someday I’ll work out with her but I was terrified of muscle. Muscle to me = bulky. So after my daughter was born in October I told myself this time I'm going to be different. I want to be healthy. I want to eat right and eat enough to boost my metabolism so I can shed weight and maybe "tone". (Still afraid of muscle). I needed to learn how to be fit and not this frail skinny I had accepted for so long. As moms we criticize our bodies post babies and I was sick of being so harsh on myself. So I worked with Jessica friend..she's fitness Miss Universe two years in a row. She placed me on a diet. Instead of eating so little and living on meal replacement shakes before I was taught to eat six meals a day. I eat protein and veggies all day.. I was actually freaked out to eat that much but I trusted her. She empowered me to be confident within lifting weights at the gym. I finished my sessions with her and added my own twist to things. I like to take different classes at the gym and make sure I get in workouts daily.

Some people ask how I do it working graveyard at hospital three nights/12 hr shifts..or how to find time with three kids. Here’s the thing. I wasn’t comfortable looking in the mirror. My appearance and self-confidence are not everything but I was determined not to lose myself after kids. In a sense, with every workout I seem to feel stronger physically and mentally. If I go to the gym while my kids are napping or school I can devote one hour to myself. I think it’s my sanity most days but I love it. I'm not done on my journey but I hope that I can prove that being a full time worker, mom, wife, doesn't mean I can't look and feel good about myself. On top of this, I will prolong my life eating healthy, and cooking healthy for my family. Things I never had when I was little. I hope to be in amazing shape by the time I hit 30 in April 2014; my personal goal. But this was my small journey to learning to eat better, train harder, and remember to have fun and be active with my health!”
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