Tips on How to Stay Motivated + Wake Up Call with The Rock!

December 05, 2014

Wanting to make a change in your life is always the first step in changing your life. The trick is to stay motivated; which can be the toughest part of any lifestyle change.  Many people, including myself, start fitness programs but stop when they get bored or results come too slowly.

On his new show, Wake Up Call, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is returning to his roots — to help those who are struggling — to show them that there can be a better way. The Rock will help motivate everyone from dysfunctional homes and dead-beat dads to businesses struggling to survive.

Though this is a sponsored post by Wake Up Call on TNT, all thoughts are my own.

Though I am no Dwayne Johnson, here are a few of my steps to help keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals!
  • Set goals!

When you finally reach you the point where you want to change and have your own #WakeUpCall , you might want to tackle everything all at once. Don’t. Trust me. Start with simple goals that you can reasonably attain. It is easy to set an ambitious goal like losing 50lbs in 6 months or going from all junk food to eating clean over night, but usually these extremes can frustrate you. Remember, you didn’t gain these habits overnight so you won’t be able to break them overnight.

Instead, make small, attainable goals so you can use them as checkpoints.  First, stop drinking soda or try walking every morning. Once you build up the small steps, you will want to challenge yourself. And don’t forget to celebrate even the smallest victories!

  • Make it fun!

Try out all different routines, exercise classes, or fitness DVDS. Don’t just run because you think that’s what you should do if you don’t like it. I personally love spin class and rarely run!
If you're not enjoying your workouts, try something different. Join an intramural sports league. Take a dance class. Check out a martial arts center. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore — you’ll stick with it if you find something you enjoy!

  • Get your friends and family on board

The only thing better than having the support of your friends and family is having them actually eat healthy and workout beside you!  Not only can having a workout buddy be in itself motivational, working out with friends can be fun and give you the courage to try new classes or exercises. When I first started out, I always felt uncomfortable in the weights section since I didn’t really know what I was doing. After working out with a friend and being taught how to lift weights with correct form, now I have no problem lifting.

Check back in on December 12th for even more tips on how to stay motivated!

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