Rooftop Spin Class at Equinox with Inspiralized!

June 19, 2015

As most of you know I am obsessed with spin class. Spinning is my favorite form of cardio and have watched it completely change my lower body like no other exercise has. So imagine my excitement when one of my favorite food bloggers was offering a free roof top spin class on the Upper East Side. 

The class setup and the view from the Equinox on the Upper East Side was amazing. Even with the gorgeous breeze, the blazing sun and the temperature hitting 90 degrees was a definite challenge during the class. I am NOT used to working out outside so this class was a real challenge for me. Like embarrassingly so. I was hurting and drenched by the end, but I did make it through! In addition to the heat, our spin instructor gave us one of the most fun, energetic, and challenging classes I've taken. Jillian has a ton of energy, is unrivaled selfie expert, and makes her 45 minutes classes fly by. 

Post class we got a great meet and greet with Ali from Inspiralized and she made us a delicious post-workout snack of avo pesto zoodles (which I woofed down before I could snap a pic). After snacking, I had a great time meeting Ali, chatting with Jillian, and meeting the other girls. I had a great time and a great workout and would love to try another rooftop spin class (preferably when it's a little cooler)!
Pre-Sweat Session

With Jillian Wright, the most kickass spin instructor I've ever had!

Getting ready for class

With Ali from Inspiralized!

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