Top Foods to Beat Belly Bloat

September 10, 2015

Even the fittest and healthiest athletes have to deal with unwanted bloating. According to WebMD, "One in 10 Americans say they suffer from bloating regularly, even when they haven’t eaten a large meal. In some cases, bloating can become severe enough that it causes distention, or a perceptible swelling of the abdomen. Bloating and gas are usually tied to what and how you eat, so a few simple changes may help." 

Here is a list of the most help, belly bloat beating foods that will keep your belly flat.
  • Water with Lemon:  When you are bloated and your body is hanging on to water, your first instinct might be to cut your water intake all together. But that is the exact opposite  of what you need to be doing. Hydrating with water is a necessity and adding in lemon (a natural diuretic) helps flush the body of extra water weight and bloat. For even more on the benefits of drinking lemon juice, check out my The Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Juice guide here!
  • Celery:  Crunching celery has become a diet staple, but the low calorie vegetable has many added benefits. Known to decrease fluid retention and aid in digestion, celery helps to reduce belly bloat. 
  • Turmeric: In addition to fighting inflammation, turmeric helps beat belly bloat. Turmeric can aid in digestion and helps ease gas. In addition, a little turmeric can help ease stomach aches as well.
  • Avocado: Mono-saturated fat has been known to not only reduce belly bloat, but can also reduce belly fat as well. This type of fat will keep you full, satisfied, and belly bloat free. Check out this handy 3-1 avocado slicer to make eating this super food even easier!
  • Tomato: Rich in potassium, tomatoes help reduce belly bloat.
  • Berries: Berries are a great snack. They are sweet, low calories, and are packed with antioxidants and fiber which make them a perfect belly bloat fighting food.

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